Poke-Go!101: Pokémon Appraisal vs IV Calculation

In case you missed it, Pokémon Go was patched today, the latest update added a new feature which is the APPRAISAL option to be given by the team leader of your faction. According to the developers this is so that people can have an idea of the strength and potential of their Pokémon. So does it work? Will this new feature eliminate the need to download third party apps or visit other sites to gauge your Pokémon’s value?  In this post, we shall compare and I will give my initial thoughts.

It is honestly still to early to gauge the accuracy of the APPRAISE option vs the IV calculators online, since Pokémon Go doesn’t really reveal the exact stats of the Pokémon, making online calculators still considered as guesswork. Online IV calculators like PokéFind provide possible IV calculations as to how good your Pokémon could be, giving you a range of possible percentage of perfection. For a while players have been using this to determine the value of their Pokémon.

When the appraise option was enabled I did a series of comparisons between IV Calculator Results and the Appraisal from the game and here are some results:

Your trainer can describe your Pokémon in two ways:


Appraisal in Game

PF 3.jpg

Assessment via IV Calculator

When compared online, Pokémon that your leader deemed as “Not likely to make much headway in Battle”  show as having averages below 50%. Here is another example.


Appraisal of Caterpie and Clefairy In game


Assessment of same Pokemon via IV Calculator

Next, Pokémon that your leader deemed as “Has caught my attention”  show as having averages above 50%. Here is another example.


Appraisal of Eevee and Kingler in Game


Assessment of same Pokemon via IV Calculator

As you can see the Leader Appraisal can be considered as relative to the Average Perfection Range estimated by the IV Calculators. Although this is useful, especially for players who don’t use IV calculators, it’s flaw is that it works on a range basis, as you can see a 37% Caterpie is classified in the same way as a 47% Clefairy, while a 73% Eevee is classified to be as good a 90% Kingler. This range can give you an idea if the Pokemon is a keeper or Candy fodder, but not enough to exactly determine how good your Pokemon is, why Niantic did this still baffles me.

What follows is your Leaders breakdown of your Pokemon’s potential stats, unlike some calculators wherein it gives you solid numbers, your Leader in game gives you a vague analysis


Here is how Blanche describes the Eevee

It is known that in Pokemon Go, each Pokemon has hidden stats, summarized as an IV or Internal Value, each Pokemon varies in three major stats namely Attack (ATK) which is how much damage you deal, Defense (DEF) which is how much damage you can take and Stamina (STA) which is how much HP your Pokemon has.  In IV Calculators each attribute can have a range between 0-15, with 15 points being the highest, the Leader Appraisal system in game does not give you the exact numbers, but annoyingly tells you your stats in a cryptic manner, it’s annoying since you have to analyze it similar to math problems that begin with “Sarah is twice the age of Sam…”

PF 1.jpg

My Eevee’s potential stats as per IV Calculator

As Blanche puts it My Eevee’s best attribute is it’s HP, therefore when referencing the table, I have to look at the perfection rates wherein the Stamina value is exceptional, in this case potential stats are the 66%, 68% , 71%, 73% and 75%, that’s a lot! Next, Blanche states that my Stamina is matched equally by my Attack, so we have to then look next at the ATK stats, with this two comparisons the range becomes narrower at 66% with Stam and ATK equally at 15, 68% where STAM and ATK are equal at 14. Blanche does not mention anything about my Pokemon’s Defense, so you can treat this as it’s Defense being negligible, so if we look at the 66% an 68% range the two stats are:


It is therefore safe to assume that my Pokemon falls exactly at either the 66% or the 68% range. This is far from the 73% average given by the IV Calculator, but then again, it is just an average, in case you are wondering here is the stats at the 73% range.


When looking at the range, the closes that could fit the description of the trainer is at the 71% range with 13-5-14, considering there’s a 10% difference between the Stam and Atk, which does not align with the “Matches equally with…” statement of my Leader. If we would follow the IV Calculator my potential stats are either 12-7-14 or 12-6-15, which also doesn’t match the description of the Leader.


The In game appraisal system is a good tool, as we can see it does what it promises, which is to tell you which Pokemon are good and which are bad, with this data alone we can determine which we keep and which to transfer. I applaud Niantic for creating this tool, however I wish I can say the same of how they did it, the way the leader describes the Pokemon is vague and sometimes cryptic, it doesn’t really tell you exactly how good or bad your Pokemon is and you would have to actually stop and process what is being said, I honestly had to read it twice to basically understand it.

The tool is useful, but if you are a competitive player and would like to crunch the stats and numbers, the in game appraisal, may be lacking and you could probably still get more information from online calculators.



Poke-Go! 101: Why you should save Pidgeys, Ratatas and Weedles 

Seeing any of the three Pokémons mentioned in the title might cause Pokémon Go players to groan. The three mentioned are the most frequently spawning around the Metro Manila area, now dependong on where your location is, the common spawns will vary, as I am writing this, I am in Cebu and was in Bohol yesterday and here, Magnemites and Voltorbs spawn like crazy, and don’t get me started with the Zubat colony in Ortigas.

What sets the three Pokémons in the title apart from others is the fact that even if they are nor considered as sytong Pokémon, they are however important to all trainers since they are considered as “Level Up Fodder”.

It basically means that by farming these Pokémons you can save enough of them and perform a Mass Evolution, meaning, evolving a large quantity nof Pokémon in one sitting. At this point in the game, you might have received Lucky Eggs upon leveling up, and as the item description states, Luck Eggs when used, doubled the experience you get. 

Pidgeys and Weedles cost about Twelve (12) candies to evolve while Ratatas cost about  Twenty Five (25) candies to evolve.

Doing it Right:

The goal of Mass evolving Pokémon during low levels is not so much as to get stronger Pokémon, although in the case that you get a strong one its a bonus, the main objective is yo get enough EXP to push your level higher, the logic of the game is that the CP of wild Pokemon you catch is proportional to the strainer level, basically it means that for you to get higher CP Pokémon, you have to push your level higher, Trainer levels also affect the results of Evolutions and Powering Up, evolving Pokémons in a higher level yields a bit more CP, but don’t expect your 300 CP Eevee to jump to 1000 CP.

The concept is that while its tempting to evolve a monster say, a 300 CP Eeve to a 600 CP Vaporeon, it is sometimes better to wait till you are a higher level and instead catch a 400-600 CP Eeve which you can evolve to a higher CP Vaporeon. This is considering that Evolution cost remains the same regardless of Pokémon CP.

So here is what you do:

1. Farm Pidgeys, Weedles and Ratatas

2. Set a target date of Mass Evolution – What I usually do is schedule it on the weekends where I evolve everything I caught during the week.

3. Don’t forget to use a Lucky Egg – Evolving Pokémon earns you 500XP, adding a new entry in the Pokédex is worth 1000XP if you can evolve at least ten Pidgeys that is easily 10,000 XP

4. Don’t Jump the gun, evolve only once – the goal is to maximize your candies, evolving a Pidgey to a Pidgeotto costs 12 candies while going for a Pidgeot costs an additional 50, which is easily 4 Pidgey evolutions.

By doing these steps you can guarantee that you can get loads of EXP which you can use to level up! Use this trick well especially in higher levels wherein getting more EXP is a grind. 

So the next time a Pidgey spawns, remember that #PidgeyLivesMatter. happy hunting!

Marvel’s Luke Cage is One Bad Ass Mother***

Marvel and Netflix just released the official trailer for the series Luke Cage. Luke Cage, to the fans also known as Power Man was created by Archie Goodwin, John Romita, Sr. and George Tuska, appearing first in Hero for Hire #1 (1972). The story in the comics follows Luke Cage who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, he is granted powers in the form of unbreakable skin and superhuman strength. The character frequently teams up with fellow superhero Iron Fist, and is married to Jessica Jones, with whom he has a daughter.

As part of the the Marvel Netflix series leading up to the Defenders the trailer was so awesome and bad ass and I can’t help but to bob my head with the sick background music. Fans were introduced to the character of Luke Cage during the Jessica Jones series, and fans were immediately attracted with the character, reinforcing the idea that he deserves his own series.

I am very much excited for the release of the series and as a fan of the Daredevil and Jessica Jones Netflix series, I can’t wait till September for the release, continue to follow my blog for reviews and reaction to the show.


Poke-Go! 101: How to Catch a Pokemon

In this Poke-Go 101, I will teach you how to catch Pokemon. One of the most addictive and entertaining aspect of Pokemon Go, is in fact catching Pokemon, so whether or not you have been playing the game for a while or if you are just starting, read on to see how to learn how to catch a Pokemon, and you might even pick up something new.

If you want to catch a Pokemon, you have to move around, or if you are lucky enough something just might spawn beside you when you are sitting down in a cafe somewhere. I noticed that Pokemon tend to spawn more frequently when you are near Poke-stops.

Once you see a Pokemon spawn in you screen, tap on that Pokemon to bring up the Pokemon battle screen.


The Different parts of the Battle Screen

The screen will contain the following elements: The AR Toggle Switch, the Escape Icon, a floating Pokeball in the center which refers to your hand holding that Poke ball, the Backpack Icon and the Camera Icon.

The AR Switch – this allows you to switch between AR mode and default mode. While in Augmented Reality (AR) mode, you can use your camera to pan around and search for the Pokemon that just spawned, this would allow you to take nice photos and put your Pokemon in funny places and situations, this also makes the game more fun and interactive, and definitely a hit with the kids. The default mode, brings you into a pre-generated screen with a field in the background and the target Pokemon centered, for a hassle free game play this is probably your best mode especially when catching that hard to catch and elusive Pokemon, this mode is your also default setup if your phone has no Gyroscope and cannot handle AR.

The Escape Icon – this let’s you leave the battle for whatever reason that arises where you have to leave the fight.

The Pokeball (Your Hand) – this displays a floating Pokeball, this shows the type of Pokeball you are holding and would allow you to throw the Pokeball. If you hold your finger on the ball you can see that you can move it around, flicking the ball would allow you to throw your Pokeball.


The Backpack – this lets you access your backpack, similar to when you are outside the battle screen. Accessing the backpack enables you to use special items to aid you in catching Pokemon, it can even allow you to switch the type of Pokeball you are using.

The Camera – this lets you take photos so you don’t have to use the screenshot of your phone, this makes for one funny and interesting option especially when taking photos.


My wife with her Staryu

When you are face to face with a Pokemon, you now have the option to run away or face it. Unless you have a very good reason though, you would probably go battle with the Pokemon, unlike the way you do battle in the Nintendo handheld games where you use your Pokemon to go head to head, here you do battle by throwing Pokeballs at your target in the hopes to catch it.


Wait to I aim for the white ring or the green ring?

At this point in the game you might think that catching Pokemon is all about flicking your fingers randomly and keeping your fingers crossed that you catch it, what if I tell you that there is actually a science in catching Pokemon?

Yes! There actually is a methodical way to catch that Pokemon on your screen, whenever you hold your Pokeball you will notice two colored ring appearing, the white ring focuses on the Pokemon like your “Target” marker, the second ring or the colored ring refers to your “Aim” or you accuracy in catching the target, and before you react, yes, the accuracy of your catch has an effect in your overall score in game. Depending on the diameter of the ring at the time of your catch, the game will reward you for being able to catch the Pokemon in the most accurate way possible. A large ring will give you a “NICE” catch, a middle sized ring like the one in the center will reward you with a “GREAT” catch and the smallest ring will reward you with an “EXCELLENT” catch, for now the confirmed benefit is that depending on the way you catch the Pokemon that game rewards you with a bonus XP. The colored rings also tell you the difficulty of the catch, Red for Hard, Orange for Medium Difficulty and Green for Easy.  There are also rumors going around the the better the accuracy rate, it also increases the chance you get a Pokemon although these are just rumors and have no proof at the moment.

Increase your Success Rate!

The game allows you to increase your success rate by giving you Razz Berries. You might notice when you hit Level 10 or 11, you will be given Razz Berries, and these berries will be available in Pokestops too. Feeding the Pokemon a Razz Berry before you catch it lets you increase the chance of you getting that Pokemon.


Trainer Tips: Don’t be afraid to use Razz Berries on the hard to catch Pokemons, you can always get more.

Now, a common misconception by players is to try and save your Razz berries, remember, you can get them at Poke-stops so you don’t have to be stingy with them, don’t be afraid to use Razz Berries to especially on the rare and hard to catch Pokemons that spawn in your area, you can always get more.

Throwing a Curve Ball

XP is king in this game, the higher the XP the easier for you to level up, and the higher your level the better Pokemon you catch. See the analogy? So what we want is to maximize the amount of XP we get when catching Pokemons, earlier I showed you how to get bonus XP by making an accurate throw, here I will show you that you can also get bonus XP when you do an exhibition throw, in this case a Curve Ball.


When you hold down your Pokeball try moving your fingers rapidly like shaking the ball, you will notice that the Pokeball will start to spin, when you release the ball you will notice that it will curve a bit, make sure you throw it a bit off center depending on the direction of the spin and you will notice it curve a bit before landing on your target. Catching a Pokemon via a Curve Ball rewards you with an additional 10 XP, and in a game where XP counts, this bonus is definitely a big help!

Switching your Pokeballs


Close the deal when catching the RARE Pokemons, use the right type of Pokeball

The backpack icon lets you switch which type of Pokeball you can use, in this came this is a critical decision to make especially when the really good Pokemon or the rare ones spawn in your area, the type of ball you use will allow you to increase the chances of getting a Pokemon, its basically: Master Ball > Great Ball > Pokeball. Learn to switch the type of Pokeball you are using, and don’t be afraid, since you get to pick up better pokeballs from Poke-stops the higher your level.

Hopefully these tiny bits of information helped, make sure to combine them as much as possible to catch good Pokemon. Learn to throw accurately, making sure to use Razz Berries on the rare and difficult ones and also learn to switch your Pokeballs depending on the difficult of the catch. This is it for now for this guide, hope you enjoyed it and make sure to continue catching them all!

Poke-Go! 101: How to Get Pikachu as Your Starting Pokemon

Among all the Pokemon, the most prominent among all of them is probably Pikachu. This cute and cuddly creature is considered as the face of the franchise, this character is almost always synonymous to the brand, therefore it is not surprising for players to go through all lengths to get this Pokemon. In this guide I will share to you how to get Pikachu as your starting Pokemon!


Catch me if you can!

If you have been playing Pokemon Go for a while, you probably have either of three starting Pokemon (Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander), and at this point in time the only way for you to get your Pikachu is to catch a wild one. However, if you are just about to start the game, the game has allowed you to have the option to get Pikachu as your starting Pokemon, and in this guide I will teach you how to do it.

Step #1: Start Your Game! – Download and install the game on your phone, create your character via character customization, once you are done with this, start the game and dive right into the adventure.

Step #2: Wait for Professor Willow to Let You Pick Your Pokemon – Once the usual introduction is done, Professor Willow will let you pick your starting Pokemon, similar to the classic games, you will have the choice of the three main Pokemon. Squirtle, a water type Pokemon, Charmander, a fire type Pokemon and Bulbasaur, a plant type Pokemon. So who would you pick? PICK NONE OF THEM! You are here to get a Pikachu right?

Step #3: Walk Away – Reject the three choices by walking away, yes, before you say anything this would mean that you will have to go outside. Nobody said getting Pikachu is easy, if you want the face of the brand, you better sweat for it. Proceed to walk away from the choices, once the three Pokemons are out of your screen range they will respawn around you, repeat this process three to four times, chances are the next time the Pokemons spawn, they will include Pikachu!

Step #4: Catch that Pokemon! – When you see Pikachu catch him and enjoy the game!

Although tempting, remember your starting Pokemon would be generally weaker than the wild ones, meaning chances are when you pick Pikachu as your starting Pokemon, it would be for show or for fun only.

Later in the game when you get to a higher level, you might be able to catch a stronger or a higher level Pikachu, which you can use to evolve your original Pikachu, but if the rumors are true, the starting Pokemon would be harder to evolve, compared to the Wild ones, but will be stronger in the end game.

So how do you like your Pikachu? Did this guide help you? Share your thoughts below and share this article to friends who are starting the game! Enjoy!


Pokemon Go Week 1: Trying Out The Game

So I just got into Pokémon Go, and let me tell you, the game is addictive as heck! Initially I was all chill and cool, telling myself that I couldn’t be hooked with the game…but all my cool went out tye window the moment I got my starting Pokémon, which was Pikachu. (I will post a guide on how to get him as your starting Pokémon)

I got my Pikachu!

It’s never an easy task to get me out of the house on a Saturday morning, but this game made me get out earlier to pick up my wife and even made me walk towards her place of work when it was traffic!

A friendly reminder from Niantic

I got the hang of going around and waiting for Pokémon to spawn, and its a little silly at first to suddenly stop all off a sudden, pull out your phone and stsrt swiping, but to be really honest, I didn’t care because I was to busy catching Pokémons hehehe.

The new meaning of “Malling”

These people wanted to be the very best

Sunday came and me and my wife, who is now very into the game by this time decided to head out and spend the afternoon going around catching Pokémon, and to our surprise we saw a lot of people in public places going around playing the game! This game is really a phenomena, we looked around and saw players of every demographic: young, old, friends and even families trecking together to catch Pokémon.


The phenomena is real, this game has greatly changed how people interact with their mobile devices, while some might fear that the game would turn you ibto a mindless zombie, what we saw during the weekend was the contrary, people were bonding, enjoying and even helping out other players by pointing oit where they can catch a new Pokémon (Pam and I managed to help a new player last night on our way home).

My Pokédex over the weekend

So if you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, download the game and get into the world of Pokémon Go!

All Systems are GO as Pokemon Go is released in the Philippines!

Just this moment, I was browsing around google for possible articles regarding the update of Pokemon Go’s release date in the Philippines, and what I stumbled into was a great surprise…the game is now available for download in the Philippines!

Pokemon Go (Click link to DL for Android), is an augmented reality game from Niantic Labs, has taken the world by storm and has even encouraged NEET and Couch Potatoes to actually step out to walk.

The game is hugely anticipated here in the country, with the excitement spawning community groups and havubg people excited over possible release dates. Now that its officially here its tine we start downloading the game!

Initial Run!

I just successfully installed the game on my Samsung J2 and its kind of a surpruse that my phone can run thr game, right off the bat I got introduced to the game the same way all Pokémon games start anf that is via a professor asking your help to document Pokémon.

Next you get to customize you avatar, albeit still limited, it still allows you to personalize your avatar. So I started to do mine…

On a side note, I read in sone articles that you can do this anytime in the game.

Once you’re all set you can now choose among three starting Pokémon, these three staples are Squirtle (water type), Charmander (fire type) or Bulbasaur (plant type).

I read somewhere that there is a way for me to catch a Pikachu…I will try that out first and will post here the results 🙂


With Pokémon Go’s official launch in the country, expext the gaming scene to change, as to how this will affect casual and hardcore gamers is still something we don’t know. But for now, to us aspiring Pokémon trainers, its time to start wearing those walking shoes, make sure your phone id fully charged and start catching them all!  As for me? I’m off to get my Pikachu.